Age Of Ruin

BiografieFormed in Washington D.C. in 1998, Age of Ruin was conceived as a band that would blend the melodic elements of Scandinavian metal with the brutality of the heavy American hardcore scene. This endeavor was begun as a four piece consisting of the melodic metal six string styling of guitarist Daniel Fleming along with a crushing rhythm section consisting of drummer Pat Owens and bassist Chris Fleming overarched by the intensity of vocalist Derrick Kozerka.

With the release of the 1998 demo soon after their inception, Age of Ruin played live regularly clenching opportunities to share the stage with national and international metal and hardcore acts such as In Flames, Dillinger Escape Plan, ZAO, Bane, Saves the Day, Hatebreed, and countless others. In 2000, the band put forth their first self-released full length, "Black Sands of the Hourglass, " soon followed up by 2002 "Autumn Lanterns " CDEP on Tribunal Records.

The "Autumn Lanterns " era brought increased maturity and intensity to the Age of Ruin sound as well as the addition of second guitarist Brian Kerley. With the new five piece line up solidified, the Ruin took to the road from Canada to Florida in the summer of 2002 with Tribunal Records labelmates Hyde and Facedown. The summer was then topped of with appearances on the Virginia Beach and Washington DC Vans Warped Tour dates. In late 2002, the Ruin returned to the studio and recorded a six song EP for Baltimore-based DFF Records with producer Ken Olden (Damnation AD, Battery, Better Than A Thousand). Released in April of 2003, "The Longest Winters Woes " EP exhibited a leap forward in songwriting, musicianship, and production.The Ruin showed a true refinement of the original sound. >br> Following the recording of "The Longest Winters Woes " EP, Age of Ruin signed with Eulogy.AoR took to the road again in the summer of 2003, but also went through a series of line up changes with the departure of Patrick, Chris and Derrick during this period. Long time friend Joe Scheibel was taken on for bass duties, Colin Kercz (of Maryland Hardcore/Metal/Doom outfit Haddonfield) was added on drums and Ben Swan (from the Baltimore-based Tribunal band Samadhi) joined the fold as the new singer.
In the fall of 2003 Age of Ruin was back in the studio with Ken Olden to record their Eulogy debut "The Tides of Tragedy. " A year in the making, "The Tides of Tragedy " shows the continual evolution and refinement of the Ruin sound as every element of rock, mosh and glam is pushed to the extreme. Expect the Ruin to deliver amazing melodic brutality in 2004!
Quelle: http://www.alveranrecords.comDiscografieBlack Sands of the Hourglass 2000
Autumn Landers 2002

The Longest Winters´ Woes 2003

The Tides of Tragedy 28


The Tides Of Tragedy - Cover
Die Gefahr eines Ruins ist groß. Ruin im Zeitalter des Überfluss.