Yet one more band started after too many belgian beers under the sun of the ending summer of 2001, YEAR OF NO LIGHT slightly but undoubtly started to slide down to gloomier atmospheres as the inheren
“They walk through the mist, to an ancient place, gathering for the King, to invoke his name, potion from the darkest well, opens for pagan souls, hear the angels of heaven wailing, as they call
Musician / composer living in Los Angeles, CA.
YERSINIA is what you get when you let some Swedes, force-fed on indigenous black metal, death metal and crust, play metalcore.
Pioneers of progressive rock, YES have achieved worldwide success with a history spanning 47 years and 21 studio albums.
Yggdrasil was formed in the beginning of the year 2001 by the three members Magnus, Gustaf and Jeremy, who still make out the band to this day.
Yorblind is a melodic death metal band from Paris, formed by Michael and Yohann in November 2002.
Gegründet 2004, machten sich YOUR DYING TRUTH aus der norddeutschen Idylle auf, um mit ihrem eigenwilligen Sound "Musik mit Eiern" neu zu definieren.
The band YOUR SHAPELESS BEAUTY was created in October 1994. At the time, the band members were:Nicolas B. (vocals)David C. (guitar)Lionel R. (drums)Cédric N. (bass)
Joe, Steve, and Jesse met while attending art school in Brooklyn, NY. John Lynch was recruited on drums and in 1988 Yuppicide was formed
Yyrkoon was formed in 1995. Native of France, the band began to play melodic death/black metal. Quickly they decided to record a demo tape, and one year later they´ve done "Oath, Obscure, Occult...".