Zombified starded as a two man project of P.Myrén and P.Fransson in winter 2006. After some beers and a three song demo they decided to record a full album.
Swedish death metal innovators ZONARIA are poised to dominate the ears of listeners worldwide with their highly anticipated debut.
In the last few years, some up-and-coming heavy metal bands from Scandinavia have truly made some dramatic steps forward in the worldwide scene, causing some of the older and "established" bands to be
Diese Band besitzt soviel kreatives Potential, dass jedes ihrer vier Mitglieder es kaum erwarten konnte den eigenen musikalischen Input in einen gemeinsamen Output zu verwandeln: Egal ob im Studio ode
Zuul FX deliver a slab of industrialised no-nonsense metal with the release of their debut album ´By The Cross´ on MARCH 1st via Equilibre Music.
Zwartplaag was formed by Onmensch in 2005, the first two demo's were released shortly after and are entitled: "Zwart verderf" and "Pest".
There is no doubt that the second full-length album from Norway´s ZYKLON is a platter highly anticipated.
Unmittelbar nach dem Beginn des neuen Jahrtausends gründete sich in Hamburg die Band [soon].