BiografieWounds were formed somewhere in December 1998 when Jouni Hertell started to play with Valkama, Joakim "Kimi" Soldehed and Arto Ovaskainen. After playing and herealsing Wounds released next December their first demo/promo called Brutal Mutations. Valkama quit playing in the band before recording this demo/promo. Next summer Wounds released their second demo/promo called Barbarizing the Death. Next summer Wounds released their thirth demo/promo called Nuclear Devastation.

Wounds plays fast and brutal Death / Thrash / Speed-metal influenced by Slayer, Morbid Angel and many others..
Quelle: - Brutal Mutations Demo/Promo

2000 - Barbarizing the Death Demo/Promo

2001 - Nuclear Devastation Promo

2002 - Chaos Theory Album

2003 - Holocaust Reich Promo


Chaos Theory - Cover
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