Founded in 2006 with members out of bands like Maroon & 138, ZERO DEGREE had just one aim. To play hard and particularly melodic metal!
The story of Zero Division begins in Spring 2009, when Rufus Blake and Jonny C. Maverick decided to start a new band project.
Formed in the beginning months of 2002, Zero Down´s founding members, Lenny Burnett (Guitar - No Direction, Mr.
In 1993, almost everyone thought that metal was history. Guitarist Jasun Tipton and bassist Troy Tipton, twin brothers from the San Francisco Bay Area, did not succumb to these prevailing doubts.
Zero Illusions was formed in Gothenburg, Sweden in the summer of 2004.
When ZERO MENTALITY was born in the end of 2002 it was already clear that there would be no compromises in developing an individual sound.
Mai 2005...An einem feuchtfröhlichem Abend im legendenären Rockdomizil laufen sich Marco Kindler und Michael Habla über den Weg. Genauer gesagt stehen sie zufällig nebeneinander am Tresen.
Smoking guitars, burning drums and a lot of earthshaking noise! Founded in the fall of 2006, four guys from west-austria, decided to kick some ass with their music.
B A S I C M E M B E R SSTEFAN ZOERNERLead Singer, Lyric-Mastermind, Keyboarder, ComposerANDY HORN
With a wicked sense of humor and an undying love for true metal, guitarist Jed Simon (Tenet, SYL) and bassist Byron Stroud (Fear Factory, SYL) pay homage to the genre by celebrating its eccentricities
Freddy Curci is arguably one of the best vocalists in Rock History. He´s got the combination of vocal talents that all singers strive for.
ZIRRUS was formed in the winter of 2008 and consists of Jonathan Banz (Guitar), Dorian Bellwald (Vocals), Julian Ludwig (Bass Guitar), Michael Schmid (Drums) and Morris Thomkins (Guitar).
ZOMBIE JOE sind die Entdeckung des F6 Music Award 1999.
After 3 decades of sickness, the 2 piece maggot eating death machine known as Zombiefication, is ready to crawl out of the grave with disgust.
Zombified starded as a two man project of P.Myrén and P.Fransson in winter 2006. After some beers and a three song demo they decided to record a full album.
Swedish death metal innovators ZONARIA are poised to dominate the ears of listeners worldwide with their highly anticipated debut.