Woods of Desolation was formed by D. in New South Wales, Australia in 2005 as a means of much deeper personal expression/unburdening through music. Utilising the help of P.
Initiated by lead guitarists Erik Gaßmus and Phillipp Olivier, the German Progressive Death Metal band WORDS OF FAREWELL formed in early 2007.
Die Band wurde 1998 aus dem Boden gestampft, damals noch unter dem Namen "Ante Mortem".
Founded in winter 2009,this 5 piece from south-west-germany demonstrateshow refreshing classic hardcore can sound in 2011. WORLD EATER combines
World to Ashes began in the beginning of 2005 with Benjamin Possinger and Lorenz Schmidt on guitars, Gernot Wegele on drums and Achim Wiedemann on the mic.
WORMED was born at 1998, in the beginning, the band had 5 members: J.Oliver (guitar), Dani (guitar), Guillemoth (bass) Andy C. (drums) and Ruben (vocals).
Worn In Red hail from the long-standing promised land of thick, blistering hardcore; Virginia.
Worthless was formed in 2009 and patiently established itself releasing a 2-song demo in October 2012.
Wounds were formed somewhere in December 1998 when Jouni Hertell started to play with Valkama, Joakim "Kimi" Soldehed and Arto Ovaskainen.
Besetningen i WOW har spilt sammen lenge, nærmer seg 10 år. Første halvdel av karrierengikk bandet under navnet L.M.E. Cactus, som spilte rask kompromissløs punk på
Every time generates the artists it deserves.
WOTH malformed in the sublime, barren month of January 2004 with a unified goal to create utterly extreme, horribly heavy, sewage laden - manky as be fucked filthy anti-music that sounds like its rott
Blut. Schweiß. Lichtblitze aus dem Stroboskop. Nebelschwaden wabern durch den Raum. Willkommen zu einem Konzert von Wretched!
WRETCHED is a melodic death metal band based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Formerly known as And Since Forgotten, WRETCHED was formed in September of 2005.
In the autumn of 2005, five guys came together to create metal history. After a couple of gigs Wulfgar recorded their first demo, called “Hate for mankind”. It was a success!
Pål Jackman founded Wunderkammer somewhere in the mid-nineties after spending a summer on a little room with a guitar and a toy-piano making songs for a band not yet started.