"Es hat uns keiner gesagt, dass Metal tot war!
Comprising of 4 individuals with a love for slow horrible riffs & creating a hell of a lot of noise, Wizard's Beard wasted no time in recording their debut album 'Pure Filth', which was released on ps
Woe is a black metal band based out of Philadelphia, PA. Because long bios are dumb, here are the basics: * Started as a solo project in 2007 by Chris Grigg
Hailing from Perth, Western Australia and featuring past and present members of well-known and established acts such as Deadspace, Advent Sorrow, Flesh Worship and Pestilential Shadows.
Wojczech started off in mid of 1995 playing simple grindpunk after heading up from other bands already together since 1991.
It was in the year 1995 that Swedish metal heads Niklas Stålvind and Mikael Goding decided (after 666 pints) to form a Heavy Metal band that was in the true sense of the word, both HEAVY and METAL.
Seit 2003 hat sich WOLFCHANT erfolgreich aufgemacht, zu beweisen dass der sprichwörtliche „Metal Hammer“ nicht nur in Skandinavien hängt.
You’d think that a band born in 2008 after some drunk rehearsals in between black/death outfit BETWEEN THE FROST guitarist Iosue and guitar-wizard-cum-producer and leader of old-school death-met
"Combine TESTAMENT riffing with MEGADETH harmonies and METALLICA-style vocals - but without stealing anything - you get an idea of the WOLFPACK UNLEASHED sound." - Wops Koch, WPU guitarist.
Wolfshade was formed in 2005 by Kadhaas.
keine, Bandseite ist down
Marcus Losbjer and Stefan Zell formed Wolverine in 1995. Stefan´s younger brother Mikael joined pretty soon thereafter. In the early days the band played melodic deathmetal.
Hard rockers WolveSpirit want to "Change The World" – and release an album that delivers on this promise.
Wömit Angel was founded in early summer of 2010 in Tampere, Finland, by three guys who wanted to create music that makes you to drink your ass off and to mosh your head off, just like Impaled Nazarene