PLAN E starts as instrumental project in May 1995 with J ani Lehtosaari [distorted bass], Reetta Säisä [keyboards] and Reima Kellokoski [drums].
Thrash Metal band PLANAR EVIL was assembled during January 2000 in Campobasso ( Italy ), initially comprising a thrash-trio of vocalist/bassist Mark Evil, guitarist Maurizio and drummer Rob.
Well, it´s been 6 14 months since we put this site up, and there´s still no real bio.
I’ve been plagued by a rhetorical question for many years; rhetorical because I don’t think any living person can have an adequate answer.
When I started Planet X, I had one goal: to start the sickest instrumental band in the world.
PLANKS is a three-piece outfit from Mannheim/Germany.
Formed in 2000. Made 4 demos in 2000-2005. The song "Into the Ground" featured in "Tulikaste" -compilation CD.
Probably one of the finest undiscovered treasures from South America, POEMA ARCANVS are here to prove that a continent that is rarely connected to metal over here in Europe, can, if they want to!
Poisonblack ist weder nur eine weitere Gothic Metal Band aus Finnland, noch die gewöhnliche Projektband, die gegründet wurde um Zeit tot zuschlagen während die Hauptband eine Pause einlegt.
Big beats. Strong booze. Loose morals. Good times. Est.2009
The band was formed in early 1995 in the Ridley Township area of Delaware County.