PRINCIPALITY OF HELL spielen 80'er Jahre Old-School Blackened Thrash Metal.
Intense, uncompromising. driven, spirited, relentless, honest, unique, bulletproof. Those are some of the words that have been used to describe hard music veterans Pro-Pain.
Formed in 2006 by Felipe Plaza and Daniel Perez in Chile's cultural heart, the coastal city of Valparaiso, they follow the path of tradition, laid out by the masters BLACK SABBATH, CANDLEMASS and SAIN
The band was formed in 2003.
Eric Forrest - vocals / Tim Gutierrez - instruments / Kevin 131 - instruments
Im Jahr 2010 hat Matthias "Waldo" Waldner PROMETHEUS aus dem Boden gestampft.Ursprünglich ein ehrgeiziges Soloprojekt des Sängers und Gitarristen, wurde bald darauf zusammen mit dem Schlagzeuger Gerno
Founded in 1986 by singer/guitarist Tommy Victor, then a soundman at New York City’s renowned CBGB’s, Prong put the New York hardcore scene on notice with two acclaimed independent releases, Primitive
(This bio is from 2001)
Einst werden sich vier dunkle Gestalten zusammenfinden, um die Welt mit dem todbringenden Virus des „Modern Melodic Death Metal“ anzustecken.
Prostitute Disfigurement started out as a 3 piece near the end of 2000 under the name Disfigure, right before demo recordings to be joined by Roel on guitars.
The Thrash / Death Metal band PROTECTOR was formed in the summer of 1986 in the german city of Wolfsburg. In the end of the same year they recorded their first demo.
Die Kanadische Mathcore Band aus Whitby, Ontario wurde 1999 noch unter dem Namen Happy Go Lucky gegründet und veröffentlichte 2003 ihre Demo EP (A Calculated Use of Sound).
In the early 70´s, the band Kansas went through three large transformations. The sound of the band changed along with the the group members.
Prototype was founded back in 1994 by two remaining members of the L.A thrash band "Psychosis", Kragen Lum (Guitar) and Vince Levalois (Vocals, guitar) - a band who in 1992 released the mini album "Li
PRYMARY is a Progressive Rock/Metal band from Southern California and was fully realized in 2000 with the ideals of having complete musical freedom.