The idea of founding a new project besides their bands FEAR MY THOUGHTS, BACKSLIDE and MONGOUSE, already existed in the minds of the two brothers Marsn and Hanson since 2008.
Im Underground der Schweizer Metalszene formierte sich 1996 eine Band, welche sich aus: Dani [voc], Sigi [bass], Reny [guit], Chü [guit] und Reto [dr] zusammensetzte und auf den klangvollen Namen «
The Disciples of True Doom from Rhode Island, USA
Pilgrimz lives in Copenhagen, Denmark but was first established in 1998 on the isle of Falster. Today, Pilgrimz is considered one of the best metal live-acts coming from Denmark.
"Less than one year ago, former Wormfood/Carnival In Coal drummer Alexis Damien launched his new project, named Esthete Piggie.
Kann man einer Rockband ein größeres Kompliment machen, als ihrUnverwechselbarkeit und unbedingte Eigenständigkeit zu attestieren? Ist
Poble Nou, Barcelona. A hot day in June, 2001. Mister Furia makes his way to the Stationers in Carrer Pamplona. An Impala pulls up and Professor Manso appears from under the helmet, what a surprise!
Es gibt Parolen im Rock-Business, die bei aller vermeintlichen N?he zur Platitüde dennoch immer wieder zutreffen.
riginaire de Rambouillet dans les Yvelines, Pitbulls In The Nursery assène un métal à la recherche permanente de l´alchimie mêlant puissance, technique et groove.
PitchBlack was formed in late 2002 by Trold, Schou and Staff. Early 2003 Dag and DanIhjel joied the band. Staff was later on replaced by Pede who takes care of the lead now.
"Piter Seil is synonymous with exclusive music. Unlike other artists, he creates 100% pure Rock'n'Roll and this generates freedom, energy, passion".
Formed in early 2000 by guitarist/singer/songwriter Victor Griffin, bassist Lee Abney, & drummer Tim Tomaselli…Place of Skulls (a biblical reference to Golgotha) carries the torch of prior Griff
PLAN E starts as instrumental project in May 1995 with J ani Lehtosaari [distorted bass], Reetta Säisä [keyboards] and Reima Kellokoski [drums].