Hailing from the UK, PDHM have arrived to offer something new, something different and best of all something challenging.
"..passion,aggression and pure sonic torment through the spectre of dark emotions and art..." Pedigree > recognized as pioneers of industrial music in Baltic States, their self-expression is a molotov
Pedophile Priests – band of Polish musicians based in Ireland. It was formed in Dublin, in 2014, by guitarist Piotr "Niemiec" Niemczewski.
1984, PEER GÜNT holds all the triumph cards in their hand and are about to play a winning hand in the poker game of rock and roll by accepting a golden trophy for the annual battle of the bands.
The story begins in Stroud, Gloucestershire in the heart of the Cotswolds, England, way back in 1976. In those days they were known as Zeus Pendragon.
Mitglieder/Line-Up Tobias [ Tobias Schwarz Gesang, Gitarre, Spacken Georgi [ Georgi Kloss
Bobby Liebling & PENTAGRAM veröffentlichen seit mehr als vierzig Jahren allerorts bewunderten Hard Rock bzw. Doom Metal. Diese Musiker aus D.C.
Pequod Band
PEQUOD...formierten sich Anfang 1998 aus ehemaligen Mitgliedern der Bands "Darkseed" und "Annoyance".
Perfect Chaos’s “genre” is hard to describe because there is no actual term for this kind of music.
Periphery ist eine 2004 gegründete Progressive-Metal-Band mit einigen Metalcore-Einflüssen aus Bethesda, Maryland.
Bloodlust tied by karmic path the energy of the destruction of young musicians and the fate redirected inferiority in the direction of creativity and creation.