Project: Failing Flesh

BiografieEric Forrest - vocals / Tim Gutierrez - instruments / Kevin 131 - instruments

The result of lab research by co-founders Kevin 131 and Tim Gutierrez, PROJECT: FAILING FLESH mutated into existence when vocal specialist and current E-FORCE leader Eric Forrest was added as the final component of this sonic experiment. Forrest, himself no stranger to the extreme sciences (having previously garnered success and acclaim in both E-FORCE and VOIVOD), proved to be the missing variable needed for PROJECT: FAILING FLESH to provide the planet with the first documentation of their studies. Early in the year 2003, the three scientists emerged from Assembly Line Laboratories with the presentation entitled "A Beautiful Sickness." Self produced by the P:FF collective and engineered/recorded by Kevin 131, this aggressive, brutal, and precise collection features nine original exhibits along with an alteration of the legendary VENOM classic "Warhead". With these findings properly recorded the band embarked on the task of bringing to light their discoveries to the music world. In September of 2003, P:FF proudly signed with Karmageddon Media. The well respected label will act as a force in accompanying the trio with their fact spreading quest.Quelle: www


A Beautiful Sickness - Cover
Ex-VOIVOD-Sänger Eric Forrest hat ein neues Kind, PROJECT: FAILING FLESH.