BiografieFormed in 2006 by Felipe Plaza and Daniel Perez in Chile's cultural heart, the coastal city of Valparaiso, they follow the path of tradition, laid out by the masters BLACK SABBATH, CANDLEMASS and SAINT VITUS without mercy, without compromise.

Their songs are fully based in the ancient tradition of heavy metal, where just drums, bass, guitar and vocals are necessary to give such an impact full of melodies, demolishing riffs and epic lyrics of kingdoms destroyed, frustration, anguish, anger and despair.

Their 2008 demo-tape "Burn" (Kuravilu Recs, 200 copies – May 2008)was a first near-fatal blow, which showed already, what the band is capable of. The three anthems featured on the tape are manifests of true doom, in the vein of REVEREND BIZARRE and COUNT RAVEN - played with dedication and excellent musicianship. Ultra-heavy guitars, pounding drums and relentless riffing meet the passionate and powerful vocals of Felipe Plaza, reminding of a young Ozzy, Messiah Marcolin, Robert Lowe as well as Albert Witchfinder.

One of those demo tapes hitted the Iron Kodex (Germany) headquarters, which leaded to a contract for the vinyl release of “The Cult Of Disease” EP, the band´s 1st official release featuring three brand new songs and the sold-out demo. A monolith of pure doom! (500 copies – February 2009)

The vinyl version of “The Cult Of Disease” gets sold out after a few weeks, so Iron Kodex proposes a CD version of it. (1000 copies – April 2009)

After the reaction with TCOD, Iron Kodex plans an European invasion for Procession under the name of “Disease Over Europe” , which meant for the band their first international tour ever, spreading the doom metal pest in countries like Germany, Belgium, Switzerland,Ireland and France.

In 14 days, the band had the chance of performing in front of completely unpredictable and unknown kinds of crowds including the Doom Shall Rise Festival VI (Germany) & Keep It True Festival XII (Germany).

Tour was over and after a few months in silence, line up changes and a new record deal, the band starts the painful building process of what would be their first full length: Destroyers Of The Faith.

The new album contains 6 tracks with a running time of app. 40-45 minutes. Intense and crushing heavy/doom metal in the vein of bands like Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Solstice, Count Raven y Iron Maiden.
Quelle: Demo 2008

The Cult of Disease EP 2009

Burn + Alive & Burning Christians Demo 2009

Destroyers of the Faith CD 2010



Destroyers of the Faith - Cover
Die chilenische Truppe PROCESSION gibt es gerade mal zwei Jahre und sie genießt dennoch schon einen wirklich guten Ruf.