BIOG - spring 2002Ben Ward - VocalsJoe Hoare - GuitarMartyn Millard - BassPete OMalley - GuitarChris Turner - Drums/Lazy Fills
Classic Heavy Rock is once again making an unstoppable advance onto the music scene. One of the greatest new acts of its kind is surely ORCHID.
This is a project made by Fulmineos in 2004. We embrace darkness and the hidden nature of the lost arts!
Orlog aus Sachsen spielen deutschsprachigen Pagan/Black Metal. Die bisherige Bandgeschichte förderte ein Demo MC, eine EP und die hochgelobte Debut CD "Reinigende Feuer" ans Tageslicht.
It has been four years since the Dutch Gothic Metal band ORPHANAGE delighted the world with their last studio album "Inside".
Israel's breakthrough band Orphaned Land, the pioneers of Oriental metal, have returned with All Is One and an in-your-face message for everyone to embrace: "People should be judged by their hearts an
Orpheé" entstand 1998 aus der ehemaligen Band „dark Envoys".Leo (Gesang),Benni (Keyboards, Arrangement),Alexander ( Gitarre, Keyboards),
After the almost mandatory personnel changes most new bands struggle through at the beginning of their formation, the OSTROGOTH line-up stabilized in 1981.