HYSTORY / LINE-UP The band was founded in October 2005 by Uli H. (ex-POISON/ R.U.DEAD ?), Gero and MAD (both ex-R.U.DEAD?) and Kishde (THE REAL MASSACRE).
The Swedish Gothenburg band One Without is the result of taking “The Gothenburg Metal Sound” and implement it into a fusion of metal, rock and pop, making the sound incomparable and fresh.
Music has always been an indispensable way to document the achievements of humanity, as demonstrated by the way historians define epochs according to a particular musical genre that emerged within a c
Ständige Selbsterneuerung mittels Szene übergreifender Stilmittel - keine zweite deutsche Rock-Band vermittelt diesen ehrgeizigen künstlerischen Anspruch konsequenter als Oomph!.
In the making for six years, Open The Skies finally found the line-up they had been looking for in July 2005.
Vocals: Slava Popova Guitars: Bill Visser Keyboards: Anna Drums: Yuri Liakhovitch Bass: Stan Folcik
1998OPHIOLATRY forms with members Jhorge "Dog" Duarte (Drums), Antonio Cozta (bass), Fabio Zperandio (Guitars) and Tiago Nunes (Vocals).
The adventure starts in 2000 in Turin , and since from the beginning the italian scene paid a lot of attention about this project.
The group OPRICH was found in cold autumn 1998. The members of OPRICH came from a hard-core project KONTRA. In the beginning it had former name.