OBLIVION formed with the intent of creating extreme metal music that will last the ages. Music that transcends genres and time.
Cosmic Horror Maelstrom
Die Geschichte OMEN´s begann 1983 als Ex-SAVAGE GRACE Gitarrist Kenny Powell mit Sänger J.D. Kimball, Basser John Henry und Drummer Steve Wittig die Band gründete.
.OMISSION. started out as four tight friends who just wanted to rock out, free from any pretense but just to bring something new on the table.
OMT burst onto the South-Coast music scene in 2007, with one aim, to spread the METAL!
This Boston 5-piece formed in early 2001 and have been compared to groups like Converge, Poison The Well, Every Time I Die, Eighteen Visions and Glassjaw.
On Thorns I Lay where formed in 1992 in Athens Greece.
ONE MAN ARMY is a San Francisco based trio consisting of Jack Dalrymple (lead guitar/vocals), Heiko Schrepel (bass/vocals), and the newest member Chip Hanna (formerly of the U.S Bombs) on the drums/vo
Summer of 2004, Johan Lindstrand starts to write some music, thinking of doing some shit of his own.