The obligatory band biog type thing…
October Tide originated with a 1995 demo tape created by Katatonia members Jonas Renkse and Fred Norrman.
OFF THE HOOK are a hardcore-band from Berlin, Germany. They´ve been around since 2008 and started off with the release of their first EP ''the best remains''.
Relax. Its just music. Things said on here are jokes. There are no walls on the internet. Go away if you dont like it.
Then: Summer of ’78. The LAPD overreacts—again. Black-and-whites line Santa Monica Boulevard. Cherry tops and blues.
The roots of Officium Triste go back to the early nineties when Martin and Johan decided to form a metal-band. The name of this band was Reïncremated.
Seit 1994 treten sie das Pedal aufs Metall: Bei OHRENFEINDT fliegen die Gitarren tief. Ihr Habitat sind kleine, verräucherte Clubs ebenso wie größere Bühnen.
OJM was formed in Treviso, Italy, in 1997.
We are OKKULTIST. Born from the ashes of the occult, summoned from the deepest depths of the final layer in the abyss to drag your sinful soul down to Hell.
The German band OLD was formed in 2003 by Reaper (vocals), Doomhammer (guitar/drums) and Horus (bass guitar).
Old Funeral was a black/death metal band from Bergen, Norway. Old Funeral was one of the first bands to form in the Norwegian extreme metal scene, getting its start in 1989.
OLD GROWTH ist eine Black Metal-Band, die sich auf die Themen Natur, Wildnis, Schamanismus, Primitivismus und alte Riten fokussiert.
Old Man's Child was brought to life in Norway back in 1993. But things started to happen a couple of years earlier, back in 1989 to be precise.
OLDE is the creative force of Stíofán De Roiste (Ireland's CELTACHOR) and Chad Davis (USA's HOUR OF 13). OLDE is the sound of the ages of the past and the WILL TO POWER.