We as O.R.k have decided to release our music directly without going through the traditionally accepted channels.
Not trying to reinvent the wheel.We keep it simple. We keep it real.
Upon switching their name from Xecutioner to Obituary, the career of one of the most successful and influential Death Metal bands began.
Obligatorisk Tortyr is a trio playing music based on grindcore, but drawing inspiration from many styles of music.
Im April 1993 gründen Oliver, Guido und Jens die Band OBSCENITY TRIAL. Die ersten Songs waren schnell da, und nach einigen Proben gab es noch im selben Jahr erste Schritte auf der Bühne.
The progressive German death metal band OBSCURA was founded in 2002 by guitarist/vocalist Steffen Kummerer and drummer Jonas Baumgartl.
OBSCURE INFINITY wurden Anfang des Jahres 2007 gegründet. Musikalisch verfolgte man von Anfang an die Vision, Musik zu erschaffen, die authentisch und frei von Trends und modernen Anbiederungen ist.
OBTEST have been started in late days of 1992, inspired by the then new and challenging Black Metal explosion, particularly in Scandinavia.
It was 1990 when the bowels of the underground spewed forth Black Thrash Metal outfit Occult.
Submit yourself to the dark empire of Octavia, Norwegian all-female band whose domain is the world of heavy, Gloom metal.
Without sinking into the smallest details of the past, OCTOBER FALLS was formed in 2001 by the sole official member M.Lehto.