Obligatorisk Tortyr

BiografieObligatorisk Tortyr is a trio playing music based on grindcore, but drawing inspiration from many styles of music. Jens (Guitar/Voice) and Viktor (Bass/Voice) founded the band back in 98, together with drummer Fredrik. After releasing our full length debut on Osmose Records Fredrik split in 2001. An unsuccessful search for drummers left the band more or less defunct. In 2004 Stefan Karlsson volunteered to take the drum position. Despite the fact he's a guitarist (see Brutaliator) he managed to pick up the grind in no time. Our second full length cd Återförödelse was released in december 2007 on Power it up. The process of writing material for the next cd is in full effect.Quelle: Återförödelse

2001 Obligatorisk Tortyr


Återförödelse - Cover
OBLIGATORISK TORTYR haben sich sechs Jahre Zeit gelasssen, um den Nachfolger ihres selbstbetitelten Debütalbums in die Läden zu bringen.
Obligatorisk Tortyr legen mit ihrem selbstbetiltem Debüt eine Grindcoregrante vor, die es in sich hat.