Started in late winter 2006. Recorded a demo tape a couple of months later. Played some domestic shows last fall. Delivered a song for Integrity Tribute album on Escapist Artist meantime.
Days In Grief was founded in September 2001.
Recorded in just one day on May 13th 1978 by four of the best musicians in Sweden at the time, ’Spelar Nilsson’ is a must have release for anyone with a passing interest in the history of progressive
“De La Tierra is just starting out, we don’t have a history yet, the possibilities of doing great things are huge, but even though our names are well-known, we are still small”, says
The Strict Order of Delirium was declared in 1998 and has evolved to it´s present form through numerous major transformations and a handful of demotapes.
Death obssessed chaos theory
DE/TEST wurden im Sommer 1999 von Michael Langner, Jens Albert und Torsten Riechers gegründet. Im folgenden Jahr erschien das erste Demo "Nothing Saves" welches in Eigenregie aufgenommen wurde.
Steffen: Gesang, Synthesizer, KompositionenThomas: Synthesizer, 2.Gesang, Texte Tapes (1988-1989)
“For those who want to Rock…… this band is for you!”