Ancient Japan: fearless warriors known as Samurai follow a cult of death. Modern Japan: musical warriors follow the cult of Death Metal. Defiled are back.
Rostocker Band Defined By Lies verbindet verschiedenste Elemente aus Death Metal, Metalcore und Deathcore mit melodischen modernen Klängen (modern melodic death metal with deathcore/metalcore influenc
Defleshed started in 1991 by guitarist Lars Löfven. Other band members at this time was Kristoffer Griedl and Oskar Karlsson (now found in bands like Raised Fist and Scheitan).
Gegründet wurde DEFLORATION im Frühjahr 2001 von Bertram(Gitarre), Marko(Bass), Alexander(Gesang) und Christian(Drums). Anfänglich spielten wir Rock im Stile der Schweden Punk - Rockbands.
Hylzy Hyvärinen : Main vocalsArzhie Ahonen : Lead guitarTimo Hämäläinen : Rhythm guitarJerkko Tapaninen : Drums and percussion
The foundation for the band Degenerate was laid in Jakobstad/Pietarsaari Finland around 1998 when two guitarists, Mikael Ekstedt and Andreas Backa started playing together with a local drummer.
The beginning: After Holocaust, a Lidköping based band disbanded around 2000 Victor started talking with the remains of Holocaust starting a new band focusing on more brutal deathmetal.
Jesper Strömblad of IN FLAMES announces them as The Future of Metal and he knows what hes talking about!
aaron bell guitars | vocals | miscellaneous doug beary drums dave lindeman bass
I think there aren´t many things to add to the name of DEINONYCHUS and to the story of this band.
Deivos was formed around 1997/98 by a guitarist Tomasz Kołcon known from the band Engraved, Maciej Nawrocki (g.) and Marcin Górniak (voc., Ravendusk).
...From Vigred reborn
Dekapitator started as an idea between Matt Hellfiend, Dan Bulldoze and Andy Maniac in the mid-90s. Their vinyl collections were growing, as was their distaste for modern metal.
Gegen jede Chance - delaware
Obwohl ursprünglich aus der amerikanischen Bay Area stammend hat Thrash Metal auch in Deutschland eine lange Tradition.