D-Sailors ist fetter Melodic-Punkrock von der deutschen Westcoast.
Extreme metal with a purpose, DAATH is poised to emerge as one of the most exciting new bands of 2007 with its Roadrunner debut, The Hinderers.
Daemonheim lebt: seit 1999 Daemonheim ist: Krieg gegen das Kreuz und Tribut an Natur und Heimat Daemonheim spielt: Supreme German Black Metal unlimited
DAEMONLORD was born from Kepa’s mind in early 2000.
Dafne’s history had a true beginning when Leo Ariel met Alessandro Moncelsi, on a lyceum desks, in 1999, in Orvieto.
"Face the Colossus"! Behold this giant fighting machine. Hear the mighty humming of its powerful engines. Feel the ground shake which each new step this monster takes. Fear its massive armament.
It all started in 1995 with Seb (guitar) and Yvan (drums). Then john joined the band on guitar and Seb switched to bass. With this line-up, they only played for a couple of months.
Daily Terroristen - das sind die Musiker der Kult - Punkband DAILY TERROR,eine der wohl bekanntesten deutschen Punkformationen, mit der sie seit den achtziger
The roots of the Hungarian Folk Metal band Dalriada reach back to the year of 1998, when forming member and band leader András Ficzek started a heavy metal band in the West-Hungarian town of Sopron.
„It's only hardcore“. 4 Typen aus dem Süden. Gestern Rawside, Spite und Sunburn – heute Damage Threshold. Keine Schnörkel, keine Attitude– nicht mehr in unserem Alter.
No exact date has ever been pinpointed, but some time during the close of the 1970´s and the beginning of the 1980´s a powerful metal group formed in Toledo, Ohio - they called themselves DAMIEN.
„Rock Is D!ead - damn!escape beweisen das Gegenteil. Die Rockband überzeugt durch einen Mix aus härteren, mitreißenden Rocksongs bis hin zu
Remember the classic Black Metal albums that were the epitome of extreme music? “I.N.R.I.” by Sarcofago, & ”The Return” by Bathory was satans music incorporated.