„Resurrection Stillborn – the blackest Halo“ heißt die neue EP der ProgressiveDeather Damnation Defaced aus Celle / Niedersachsen, welches in
Damnations Hammer was formed by guitarist/vocalist Tim Preston as a homage to the avant garde metal of the 1980's, the band is completed by bassist Andy Whitehead and drummer Steve Leach.
It all started back in the year 1993 when the guitarplayer Robert Warnqvist, basplayer Magnus Jönsson and the drummer Leif Erixon was looking for a new vocalist to the band called Easy Street.
Orakelartig fand die Aufnahmesession zum neuen Langspieler am Abend des 26. Januar 2008 unter dem Motto »Mami, I’m Aua!« statt.
For Danger Danger, good things seem to come in twos.Formed in 1987 by Bruno Ravel and Steve West, and rounded out by
Born March 13, 1982 in Israel, Daniel J has exploded onto the music scene as a multitalented musician, producer, singer, songwriter, guitarist, drummer, and bass player.
Dantalion was formed in mid 2004 by Naemoth, Neztja and Zeukram after the split-up of their previous band, completing the line-up with Maiestas.