All started in 1995, when brothers Carlos Espejo and Fernando Espejo(both recently arrived from Brazil), Juan Luis Burquez, Fran Muñoz and Piero Dittus met each other at their school.
1997-1999 The 1st Chapter - The Pest Called Humanity
Out of the ashes of several hardcore, punk and metalbands, "Darker It Gets" was risen in the depths of South West Flanders, Belgium.
In the year of 1999, looking forward to spreading chaos, violence, war and hatred against judeo-christian scum, DARKEST HATE horde came into being, under command of Mantus (Mysteriis / Ancientblood).
2011 - Shattered Skies (EP) 2013 - Scattered Worlds (EP) 2014 - The Grand Continuum
DARKEST REIGN wurden Anfang Mai 2003 durch David Bredlow, Rudi Danner , Jochen Ernst und Stefan Mohr noch unter dem Namen Dark Rain (jedoch musste die Band nach einem angedrohten Rechtsstreit diesen N
Darkness Ablaze wurde im April 2002 von den drei Musikern Alexander Huber (Gitarre), Jens Podzierski (Keyboard) und Rüdiger Einholz (Bass) unter dem Namen "Myrkwid" gegründet.
Darkness Before Dawn is a metal band from Glendale, Arizona.
DARKNESS BY OATH, was formed back in 2002, influenced by the so-called Gothenburg sound, The band started composing new songs, and after some months did their very first recording.
History shows that German Gothic Metal isn’t the most exciting sound you can listen to.
Darkwater was formed late 2003 in the western parts of Sweden. During the first years of existence they only did a few selected shows in Sweden while working on the material for their debut album.
DARQUE entstanden im August 2001 aus den Überbleibseln der Power/Gothic Metal Band MILLENNIUM OF TWILIGHT.
There are really few bands which can combine various musical kinds.
Nach vielen musikalischen Experimenten entschließen sich Stefan Ackermann (Gesang, Texte) und Bruno Kramm (Instrumente, Musik, Produktion) 1989 die Formation "Das Ich" zu gründen.