BiografieExpanding Senses is the third strike from Swedish metal act DARKANE, who have always been ahead of the times with their modern sound and unique style. It took almost three months of hard work in the studio to record the nine tracks on this grandiose album. The guitar and bass parts were recorded at their home studio, while the drums, vocals and the final mix were done by Daniel Bergstrand at Dug-Out Studio (In Flames, Strapping Young Lad and others). The result is a mixture between the heaviness of Rusted Angel and the modern sound of Insanity. A mixture of the two past albums plus lots of new ideas and a riff massacre that might blow up your mind, might begin to describe Expanding Senses.
DARKANE have never been commercial or straight; their sound was always kind of futuristic and different from anything else we heard before. There’re a lot of different elements within their sound, as no track sounds like another. Their unique mixture of Thrash, Death and Metal will definitely expand your senses and may confuse you in any number of ways. The only thing all of the nine tracks have in common is their extreme heaviness. Anders Sydow, who already sang on Insanity, once more fascinates with his clear and aggressive vocals. On Chaos Vs. Order” he is having a great joint venture with Lawrence Mackrory who sang on Rusted Angel. That´s the time when you feel transported back to the Bay Area when Thrash ruled! DARKANE have always been special; you never know what to expect, apart from a bunch of heaviness. Progressive influences from bands like Watchtower or Cynic also find their way into the music, which you need to listen to several times before you begin to understand it. A video clip has been shot for the opening track, Innocence Gone, which you will find on several future compilations, as well as on some TV stations that have balls enough to give them support. Expanding Senses documents a modern Metal album from a band that’s different and kicks every fuckin´ ass around! Enjoy this one-way trip, you might never come back!
Quelle: http://www.nuclearblast.deDiscografie1998 Rusted Angel CD

2001 Insanity CD

2002 Expanding Senses CD

2003 Rusted Angel (Re-Release) CD www


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DARKANE haben trotz richtig guter Alben nie die ihnen zustehende Aufmerksamkeit bekommen, woran auch immer das liegen mag.
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Warum das spärliche Info-Blättchen von "technischen Death Metal" spricht, ist mir nicht ganz klar.