Dark Vision

BiografieDARK VISION were formed in 1996 and have been performing extreme metal ever since, starting of as a heavy/black six piece resulting to a straight death/black quartet nowadays. The demo days from 1996 to 1999 brought up several promo tape recordings, all spread to the underground network marking their first steps in the scene.

DARK VISION recorded their first full length album “Full Moon Shines” during 2000 though its official release came two years later through NMC Records. What followed was a promo track recording in 2004 which was also shot for a video clip (“Signs From Fallen Stars”). Numerous line-up changes slowed all activities until DARK VISION got active again in 2006.

Having a solid four piece line-up, they released a self-financed digipack CD entitled “Bestial Remedy” including 5 tracks revealing their new face; death/black through a modern metal perspective. DARK VISION is a live act and have been on stage since their first days to date, having shared the stage with well established bands like Mayhem, Ancient Rites, Rotting Christ, Kaamos, Devian, Dark Fortress, Septic Flesh and many local underground bands.
DiscografieFull Moon Shine 2003 CD

Bestial Remedy 2009 CDUnderdog


Bestail Remedy - Cover
Seit 1997 sind die Griechen im Metal unterwegs, seit 2002 gab es aber keine echten Lebenszeichen mehr.
Full Moon Shine - Cover
Aus dem Dunstkreis von Astarte entspringen diese Jungs aus Griechenland, existent seit 1996. Los geht’s mit Blitz und Donner, dazu bimmelt ne voluminöse Kirchenglocke.