BiografieRemember the classic Black Metal albums that were the epitome of extreme music? “I.N.R.I.” by Sarcofago, & ”The Return” by Bathory was satans music incorporated. It was real, raw and satanic and Damnation are damned to deliver the goods once again. The band was formed back in 1989 and has been producing extremely popular demos over the years.
Although the black metal market has been flooded by bands since it’s breakthrough in the early 90’s, the band did not give in for the trend, even though they could have been one of the elite bands back then. It wasn’t until now the Damnation horde finally put their songs on a full length album. The album contains 8 satanic metal songs, pure, grim & necro, no beauty, no keyboards, no bullshit.
Prepare for Eternal Damnation!!
Quelle: Evangelia CD 2004


Destructo Evangelia - Cover
Seit 1989 schroten Jungs von Unanimated, Merciless & Entombed im Namen DAMNATIONs. UH. Nun haben sie ein Label gefunden (beziehungsweise selber gegründet). Dufte. UH.