Known as one of America’s most cult underground heavy metal bands, DAWNBRINGER have always been one of the hidden gem ambassadors of true American metal, led by none other than acclaimed heavy metal musician/multi-instrumentalist visionary Chris Black. Lurking within the metal underground for almost 20 years now, Black (who also masterminds the rocking metal outfit High Spirits) has created a vision with DAWNBRINGER unlike any other band in American heavy metal today. Well-respected metal blog Invisible Oranges have even recently christened Black as “heavy metal’s last singer-songwriter.”


1996 - Sacrament (EP)

1997 - Unbleed

1998 - Dawnbringer / Edenrot (Split)

1998 - Demo 1998

2000 - Catharsis Instinct

2006 - In Sickness And In Dreams

2010 - Nucleus

2011 - Three Soldiers Standing / Night Of The Sinner (EP)

2012 - Into The Lair Of The Sun God

2014 - Night Of The Hammer



Donnerstag 18.12.2014
One of the most exceptionally gifted musicians in our contemporary Metal community is Chris Black from Chicago who is not only the mastermind of HIGH SPIRITS and PHARAO, but also of DAWNBRINGER whose latest release "Night Of The Hammer" is once more a high-class album between musical modern spirit and past.