The whole story started in the summer of 2005. Well known and experienced musicians joined forces and started Cadaveres.
1993 gründen 4 Freunde in Székesfehérvár/Ungarn die Band CADAVERES DE TORTUGAS.
Unsere Freunde aus Los Angeles stehen in den Startlöchern. Die geplante Tour im Januar musste leider aus familiären Gründen auf April verlegt werden.
"Please allow me to introduce these horror punk heartthrobs from the dusty graveyards of Arizona.
Both originally hailing from the Ruhr Area, the largest agglomeration in Germany, modern metal force CALIBAN and Century Media Records are finally worldwide partners in crime after being neighbours fo
Calibre Zero was created by Ricardo Lázaro in March 2005 with the immediate incoming of his brother Miguel.
Calico System formed in the summer 1998 as a group of friends who wanted to play music that which adhered to no rules.