Censored was founded in 1994 in Zurich by Manuel Früh (Bass / Vocals), Marcel Zilic (Guitar) and Niklas Naumann (Drums).
CENTAURUS A was formed in the year 2000 by Maik Matanovic (guitar), Patrick Schroeder (drums) and Michael Ahlgrimm (bass/backing vocals) in Cologne, Germany.
1990 The band was formed around September/October. 1991
Taking their name from a Yorkshire brew of great strength and gravity, Centurions Ghost have been creating music with a formidable punch since 2001.
Gothic und Electro… nur ein scheinbarer Gegensatz, denn kaum eine Band schafft es, finstere Klänge und tanzbaren Electro so perfekt mit einander zu vermischen, wie CEPHALGY.
Formed in Denver, Colorado, CEPHALIC CARNAGE has set out to break down musical barriers by raising both the expectations and standards of extremity in heavy music.
* Played 1st show in November 2006
In 1989, Anders Iwers joined guitarist Oscar Dronjak, bassist Marcus Fredriksson and drummer Ulf Assarsson in a straight heavy metal band called Striker.
Cameron Brown (Lead Vocals) Tim Eilola (Guitar) Ian ‘Squirty’ Graham (Bass) Brad Graham (Drums) Paul Galagher(Guitar) Touring
The story of Chain is not your average "formed-a-band-recorded-an-album" story. Chain was formed in 1994 by keyboardist Stephan Kernbach.
Chain Collector are from Norway and was formed in 2003 as an idea which all of us wanted, to play hard (heavy metal) but still melodic.