Calibre Zero

BiografieCalibre Zero was created by Ricardo Lázaro in March 2005 with the immediate incoming of his brother Miguel. The circle was closed with the joining of Pedro Peláez in summer 2007 as bass player and Antonio Cuenca as drummer in January 2008.

With this line up the band built their definitive sound; an explosive mix between the rawness and velocity of Motorhead or Metallica, the dark and heavy sounds of Black Sabbath and the influence of Spanish rock bands like Barricada, Baron Rojo, Muro...

In May 2007 the band recorded a demo cd named "Derrotando miedos" including a video clip of the song "Asi es (como siempre sere)".

Finally in June 2008 we began the recording of our first album "Jugando con fuego" in the M20 studios (Saratoga, Medina Azahara, Mago de Oz, Hora Zulu…). We signed the distribution and publishing with Avispa Music. The production was carried by RHM Prods. Moreover we made as promotional material a video clip of the song "Rock hasta morir" which was included in our album. Since 1st October the album was in stores in Spain and Itunes. In May 09 the album was released for Europe by the hand of the German label STF Records. In June the Ecuadorian label Brutalidad Total pressed the album for distributing around South America.

With this first album the name of the band grow up fast being interviewed by the most important magazines, radios and webs like Metal Hammer, Heavy-Rock, Kerrang, TNT Radio… This first success gave us the chance of doing almost 25 gigs around Spain besides some festivals during past summer.

Calibre Zero recorded our second album past June-July. The album will be out for Spain in October 19th by the hand of RHM Prods and Avispa. Later, the album will be released by STF Records in 6th November for Europe.

In November we are beginning our tour presenting the new album, named –Inmune-, in every place we can reach.

Calibre Zero - Rock hasta morir!!!Quelle: - Derrotando Miedos (Demo)

2008 - Jugando Con Fuego

2009 - Inmune


Inmune - Cover
Prinzipiell hat mein Kollege Hardy in seinem Review zum Debütalbum der Spanier, „Jugando Con Fuego“, bereits alles zum Status der Band von der Leine gelassen, so dass ich mich hier ganz un
Jugando Con Fuego - Cover
Den Exotenbonus haben Bands aus Spanien trotz international erfolgreicher Kollegen wie den HEROS DEL SILENCIO über TIERRA SANTA bis MÄGO DE OZ immer noch nicht ganz verloren.