BiografieThe whole story started in the summer of 2005. Well known and experienced musicians joined forces and started Cadaveres. In short period of time they became one of the leading band of the Hungarian metal underground movement.

Without any official release they played in Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Serbia, Germany and Switzerland. At the beginning their tracklist based on the legacy of Cadaveres De Tortugas (Körömöczy’s ex band), but songs of the new breed was shortly born…
They played together with their biggest idols, like Soulfly, Cataract and Alice In Chains, and several local fellas, like Ekomorf, Replika, FRL and Watch My Dying. They have been invited to play in the festival season, events like Sziget, Wan2, Hegyalja, Topvar and Vollmond.

The band recorded their debut album through several sessions in Bakery Studio, Hungary and Soul Of A New Breed released in 10th of November.

All the sweat, the blood, the rage, the happiness and the sadness of one year transformed to 40 minutes of music, which excactly shows the member’s commitment and individuality.
And the cogwheels of their machine keep spinning over and over again…


Line up

Körmöczi Péter Balázs

Delcsik BalázS

Homonnai Gergely

Kovács László

Szabó Máté

Gabó Ádám
Quelle: Soul Of A New Breed

2009 Evilution/Devils Dozen CD+DVD



Evilution/Devils Dozen - Cover
Da kommt eine Band aus der ungarischen Fernseher-Stadt Székesfehérvár und lässt auf Exotenbonus hoffen – und enttäuscht in dieser Hinsicht maßlos.
Soul Of A New Breed - Cover
Es gab da mal eine ungarische Band mit einem ähnlichen Namen, die aber scheinbar nicht mehr aktiv ist… CADAVERES sind, zumindest musikalisch, die Fortsetzung dieser Combo, grooviger moderner Metal ist