In the nearly two decades since their launch, Swedish metallers Sabaton have carved out a reputation as one of the hardest working bands in the business – gaining a legion of loyal fans across the globe, delivering eight highly-rated studio albums (including two certified platinum-sellers), and scoring multiple industry award wins and nominations… not to mention launching their own annual festival and cruise.

Combining soaring power riffs with vocalist Joakim Brodén’s instantly-recognisable gruff baritone, the band refuses to be simply slotted into a genre. Fans need only know them as Sabaton: the heavy metal band that sings of real life wars and the people who played a part in them – of gruelling campaigns and dazzling acts of bravery, of magnificent victories and touching personal struggles – true stories more fantastic than any fiction.

Sabaton are perhaps best known for their electrifying live concerts, combining accomplished musical performances and a finely-crafted stage show – including their full-sized tank drum-riser – with energy and laughter. The band has headlined as far afield as North America, Australia and Japan, and regularly fills arenas and takes top-billed slots at festivals across Europe.

Fresh from a long bout of touring, the band is looking forward to a number of festival appearances this summer before returning to the studio to work on their next project.


2000 - Sabaton (Demo)

2001 - Fist For Fight (Compilation)

2005 - Primo Victoria

2006 - Attero Dominatus

2007 - Masters Of The World (Single)

2007 - Metalizer

2008 - The Art Of War

2008 - Cliffs Of Gallipoli (Single)

2010 - Coat Of Arms (Single)

2010 - Coat Of Arms

2010 - Screaming Eagles (Single)

2011 - World War Live: Battle Of The Baltic Sea (Live)

2012 - A Lifetime Of War (Single)

2012 - The Lion From The North (Single)

2012 - Carolus Rex (Single)

2012 - Metalus Hammerus Rex (Compilation)

2012 - Carolus Rex

2013 - 40:1 (Single)

2013 - Swedish Empire Live (Live)

2013 - Swedish Empire Live (Video)

2014 - War And Victory: The Best Of Sabaton (Compilation)

2014 - To Hell And Back (Single)

2014 - Resist And Bite (Single)

2014 - Heroes

2014 - Sabaton & Hammerfall: Metal Monsters (Split)

2015 - Live On The Sabaton Cruise 2014 (Live)

2016 - Heroes On Tour (Live)

2016 - Blood Of Bannockburn (Single)

2016 - Burn In Hell (Single)

2016 - The Last Stand

2016 - In The Army Now (Single)

2017 - Swedish Pagans (Single)

2019 - Bismarck (Single)

2019 - Fields Of Verdun (Single)

2019 - The Red Baron (Single)

2019 - Great War (Single)

2019 - The Great War

2019 - The Soundtrack To The Great War

2020 - Angels Calling (Collaboration)

2020 - The Attack Of The Dead Men (Live In Moscow) (Single)

2021 - Livgardet (Single)

2021 - The Royal Guard (Single)

2021 - Defence Of Moscow (Single)

2021 - Kingdom Come (Single)

2021 - Steel Commanders (Single)

2021 - Christmas Truce (Single)

2021 - 20th Anniversary Show - Live At Wacken (Video)

2021 - The Great Show (Live)

2022 - Soldier Of Heaven (Single)

2022 - The Unkillable Soldier (Single)

2022 - The War To End All Wars



Donnerstag 22.09.2011
Ich hatte die Möglichkeit mit zwei Mitgliedern der Schweden von SABATON zu sprechen: Oskar Montelius (Gitarre) und Daniel Mullback (Drums) haben sich im Zuge der Power Of Metal-Tour (SABATON + GRAVE DIGGER + POWERWOLF + SKULLFIST) etwas Zeit genommen um uns etwas über ihr Album, über musikalische Witwen und die Karriereplanung zu berichten.


Freitag 06.01.2017
Donnerstag 18.08.2016
Das Summer Breeze ging 2016 in die nächste Runde - und war mal wieder wieder ein voller Erfolg.


Carolus Rex (Englisch) - Cover
SABATON sind zurück! Mal wieder, mal wieder stark erwartet, mal wieder das gleiche Thema. Nicht? Oh!
Swedish Empire Live - Cover
SABATON stehen für Hymnen ihres Genres, grandiose Performances auf der Bühne, ehrlichen Metal und endlose Euphorie im Publikum.



Band Termin Land / Ort / Location
SABATON - Live 2014
NL-Nijmegen - Fortarock
CH-Interlaken - Greenfield Festival
Loreley - Metalfest
Ballenstedt - Rock Harz
CZ-Vizovice - Masters Of Rock
SLO-Tolmin - Metaldays
A-Graz - Seerock