This Brussels based band specialises in a metal influenced style of hardcore and saw the light in 2000.
Since the early days of Bloodthorn back in 1992, the band´s musical expressionhas developed and changed through their various releases. From the doomy, cold
Since August 2006 Bloodwork show their craftmanship in the german steel-business. A coherent lineup was found in David, Nikko, Robert, Moritz and Frank at the beginning of 2007.
Death Metal no Compromise!!
The Swedish black metal band BLOT MINE was formed 1995 by former Setherial-members.
Denjenigen, die Zeuge wurden wie BLUDGEON die Asbury Park Convention Hall beim Metal Meltdown III im April 2001 in Schutt und Asche legten, braucht man die Jungs wohl nicht mehr vorzustellen.
In den 80er Jahren des letzten Jahrhunderts tourte hinter dem Eisernen Vorhang die Rocklegende KODEX aus Polen durch die meisten osteuropäischen Länder und Vietnam.
The band started in 1994 as a solo project, with Vindsval playing all instruments under the name Vlad.
Blutvial is an unholy alliance, forged by guitarist/bassist/drummer Aort, whose musical pedigree consists of avant-garde black metallers Code and death/doom band Indesinence.