A Brief History 2010-2014
Blind Allegiance are a Heavy/Speed Metal Band from South-Germany.
The North East of England has been incredibly influential in the history of British hard rock – Venom, Raven & Geordie are all acts that sprang from Tyneside to achieve world-wide success.
Commonly the development of any band is judged by the means of their studio albums.
Im Oktober 1987 beschlossen Rayner Schirner und Nik Page, um der Langeweile der Randberliner Vorstadtsiedlung Blankenfelde zu entrinnen, die Blind Passengers zu gründen.
The band was created in Jan 2000 with the name Stigmata... The members back then were Niklas Svensson, Tobias Olsson and Johan Blomstrom.
NO POLITICS, NO DOGMATISM, JUST ONE WAY TO FOLLOW: ERADICATION OF ALL FLESH. 2009: New album "EMACIATED DEITY" out the 20th february on Twilight Vertrieb.
Blizzard was formed back in the year 1998 by Balor (D) and Atze (G) to show the world how to play real DIRTY HEAVY METAL music.
BLODEN-WEDD means "Gods of Sunrise" in the Celtic Gaelic mythology...
"Blóðtrú" is a compound of the two Old Norse words "blóð" (blood) and "trú" (faith, belief, etc.),
BLOOD CEREMONY's distinct style of flute-tinged witch rock evolves from an infernal marriage of occult-inspired acid folk and vintage hard-rock riffing.
In the beginning of 2008, Yngve Andersen started Blood Command together with drummer Sigurd Haakaas and Silje Tombre on lead vocals.