Die schwedische Band BLACKSMITH wurde bereits 1983 von Sänger Pelle Englund, Gitarrist Bobby Holmberg und Drummer Peter Norstedt gegründet.
Forged by members of the bands ELISION, HELLBOUND and OMEGA MASSIF comes a new beast to live! BLACKSMOKER. ​
To those uninformed, and to the downright STUPID, Blackwinds was Lord Mysteriis' little project which he did during Setherial's "downtime." In a time when literally everything put out by supposedly "k
Birthed in the year 2010, Blackwolfgoat is here now in this world and is very real. Yes, the legends and stories of Blackwolfgoat are all true, and then some.
Blake, from Helsinki, Finland, has been labeled with two brands describing their music: Bear Blues and Extraterrestrial Rock. The former is self-explanatory when you listen to Blake.
BLAQK AUDIO, das elektronische Seitenprojekt von Jade Puget und Davey Havok, sonst Teil der kalifornischen Band AFI (Abkürzung für "A Fire Inside"), werden am 19.
Raw Old school DM featuring members from Abazagorath/ Siege Column.
You know Blaze Bayley, don’t you? He fronted British metal band ‘Wolfsbane’, who released four albums of unrelenting raw energy and attitude between 1989 and 1993.
Die Zukunft des japanischen Heavy Metal trägt einen neuen Namen…
Formed in the suburbs of Glasgow, Scotland⤙s largest city, Bleed From Within have always delivered a devastating mix of melody and brutality through their music.
BIOGRAPHY of BLEED IN VAIN(Known as "This Illusion" from the 2000 to the 2002)
Bleed The Dream is going for broke.
Die Band "Bleeding Red" aus Spraitbach (Baden-Württemberg) wurde im Jahre 2006 von den damals erst 18 und 16 Jahre alten Timo Joos (Gesang, Gitarre) und Michael Müller (Bass) ins Leben gerufen.
Es wird blutig.