Airged L’amh is a heavy metal band based in Athens.
Airless is hard rock band, with 2 discs in his career and returned again with his third album that will come up for sale in 2009 called "FIGHT."
In the Spring of 1994, three Seattle area musicians started to write songs and put together the music that would become a new Christian progressive rock band called Ajalon.
It all started in the year 1996, when Ruoja finally startedmaking his dream true - He wanted also to compose andmake more brutal music, like Ajattara is.
AK4711 rocken wie die Hölle, singen wie die Engel, immer melodisch, nie daneben, stets präzise.
Drei Alben und eine Compilation wurden unter dem Namen AKANOID bereits veröffentlicht. Hinzu kommen Releases mit diversen Solo- und Nebenprojekten (u.a.
Blackened Extreme Metal aus dem Harz  
AKASHIC was conceived in the year ´98 to produce a high quality progressive metal with meaningful lyrics.
The band was founded in autumn 1994 by Caron (vocal and guitar) and Asmothy (guitar) under the moniker Apostasy. Lomion (bass) and Lycanthroph (drums) completed the line-up.
In Richmond, Virginia, USA, On a dirt floor basement, in 1996, Bryan Cox, Erik Larson and Asechiah Bogdan founded Alabama Thunderpussy.