Formed in 1991 A CANOROUS QUINTET, a brutal Death / Black Metal act, released their ‘The Time Of Autumn’ demo having undergone a multitude of line-up changes up to that point.
The year is 1891.
If there was one thing to describe A HILL TO DIE UPON, it would be a resistance to die. From the beginning, AHTDU has made it a point to do, whatever that may be, the best they possibly can.
Formed in July of 2005, Anewhope fast developed a natural chemistry, allowing them to constantly evolve as musicians.
While it can be argued that some cats indeed have nine lives, the same cannot always be said about metal and hardcore bands, with even the luckiest enjoying two but rarely more.
A Plea For Purging came to Facedown Records in 2007 with a reputation for fire-breathing and amazing technical ability.
Country-Punk & Polka-Billy from Berlin
A Time To Stand wurde im Sommer 2010 von Jan, Marius, Nils (Best Before Today), Laurenz (Joker's Turn, ex-Sturmfrei) und Martin (Jerk Off Kid, ex-Intruder) als absolutes Spaßprojekt aus der Taufe geho