A Hill To Die Upon

BiografieIf there was one thing to describe A HILL TO DIE UPON, it would be a resistance to die. From the beginning, AHTDU has made it a point to do, whatever that may be, the best they possibly can. Starting out as a two piece hardcore act and growing through over a dozen members and several genre leaps, A Hill to Die Upon became a black metal duo of two brothers that would not stop after any hardship that came their way. During this time, AHTDU played with such bands as Crimson Moonlight, Frosthardr, Becoming the Archetype, War of Ages, Sotahuuto, Set Your Goals, Winds of Plague, Veil of Maya, Year of Desolation, Thine Eyes Bleed, and many other high type acts. Forward is the only direction and up is the only angle. AHTDU is very excited about the future goals and the imminent hard work. But ever higher…

“Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory there is no survival.” - Winston ChurchillQuelle: - Demo 2008

2009 - Infinite Titanic Immortal


Infinite Titanic Immortal - Cover
Es sind genau diese kleinen, feinen Momente, die man als Musik-Schreiberling am meisten schätzt: man bekommt von einem (noch) relativ unbekannten Label ein Digipak verabreicht, das ein (sehr gelungene