A Canorous Quintet

BiografieFormed in 1991 A CANOROUS QUINTET, a brutal Death / Black Metal act, released their ‘The Time Of Autumn’ demo having undergone a multitude of line-up changes up to that point. Guitarist Leo Pignon later forged a similar Black Metal outfit NIDEN DIV. 187 with members of DAWN and THY PRIMORDIAL releasing two albums ‘Towards Judgement’ and ‘Impergium’ on Necropolis Records.Fredrik Andersson also boasts credits with AMON AMARTH as a current Drummer. Vocalist Marten Hansen is guest on OCTOBER TIDE’s 1999 album ‘Grey Dawn’, and also the current Vocalist for SINS OF OMISSION. By 2000 both guitarist Linus Nirbrant and Andersson were involved in aside project called GUIDANCE OF SIN.

This is how the band states their music:
"We got compared to all kind of bands and some went as far as calling us Dark Tranquillity copy! Morons! I wonder if they even listened to the album, we have a style of our own and that´s something we want to get credit for. Sure, I´m the first to agree that the music sometimes reminds about other bands but that´s a long way from being copycats. We don´t regret anything on "Silence.." and I suspect that a lot of people in the business didn´t give us a fair chance. The ones that did gave us mostly good reviews. The material might be hard to get into at the beginning but that only means that it gets better if you give it some time.".

Later, after the band split up:
"Me and Jesper wanted to go on with Guidance Of Sin to 100%, as we think it´s better than ACQ. It have been a lot of response about this ACQ split, many letters and e-mails. But I think our last CD is very good, and that´s better then go on and release a shity one, "The Only Pure Hate" is a hell of a Death Metal album (true - JR) and I´m proud of it. Many other things were fucked up too: We all wanted to go on in different directions, and our label (No Fashion) did´t push us enough. (...) it´s no idea to go on when you don´t like the things you do, if we would release another album after "The Only..." CD it would not be so good as "The Only..." CD is. ACQ was born in 1991-92 so we have been around for 7 years now, and it´s of course boring when you split a band you have been in for so many years.

Quelle: The Only Pure Hate
1996 Silence Of The World Beyond
1995 As Tears


Silence Of The World Beyond  - Cover
Sodele, hier ist der nächste Klassiker aus dem Hause No Fashion. 1996 erschien das gute Stück, also in der No Fashion-Hochphase und kann sich vom Sound natürlich nicht vom Rest der Bande abheben?
The Only Pure Hate - Cover
A CANOROUS QUINTET haben als eine der wenigen Bands das Kunstück vollbracht, sich nach ihrer besten Scheibe aufzulösen.