A Plea For Purging

BiografieA Plea For Purging came to Facedown Records in 2007 with a reputation for fire-breathing and amazing technical ability. In just two short years Plea has shown a monumental leap in musical maturity evident on their new album Depravity. With backing from Joey Sturgis and Foundation Studios (Devil Wears Prada, Gwen Stacy, At the Throne of Judgement) Plea was able to capitalize on their skill and lay it all on the line with the new record.

The title suggests the torrent of sound within: raging vocals and elegantly twisted harmonies. The scope of their influences is huge, ranging from Meshuggah and Slipknot to Radiohead and T.I. Even so, every note of the new album is calculated to accomplish gracefully ordered chaos. In Depravity Plea are carving a unique niche in the metal genre. This sophomore album is more than a step up, in fact, Plea seem to have completely forgone the “next level” for what appears to be their full potential.

A Plea For Purging tour incessantly, over 700 dates in the last 3 years, and has burned through 3 vans and 4 trailers in that time. But it’s no accident that Andy Atkins, Blake Martin, Tyler Wilson, John Wand and Aaron Eckermann have found themselves on the releasing end of a breathtaking follow-up album. Plea’s faith in their craft is indestructible; that is the place from which Depravity is born.
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