Airless is hard rock band, with 2 discs in his career and returned again with his third album that will come up for sale in 2009 called "FIGHT."

Airless begins in January 2002 and soon to be filed by the company Vinny Records. The debut album the band released in June 2002 called "AIRLESS", produced by Carlos Creator, which was distributed worldwide and in Japan it published and distributed it MELLOW MUSIC.

This disc was introduced in society at the Madrid in Ritmo y Compas AIRLESS was part of a double-CD compilation "Singing to the world", edited by the company FRONTIERS, in memory of people killed in the attack of the twin towers. In this double-CD also included people like Jason Becker, Tesla, Boni Tyler, Doro, Paul Gilbert, Paul Nelson, Kane Roberts, Jimmy Hendrix and a long etc ... This CD was distributed throughout the world.

His second album 2nd round, was also produced by Carlos Creator and edited by the Finnish company LION MUSIC, AND repeated in Japan with the company MELLOWMUSIC.

With 2nd Round, focused and shared the stage with renowned bands like Riot, Tyketto, Dare, Red Baron, Rosendo etc ...

Members of the group: Iñaki Lazakano (voice), Miguel Manjón (low and Endorser Yamaha), Pako Martinez (Drums and Endorser of PEARL), and Robert Rodrigo (Guitar and Endorser of the brands IBANEZ, DIMARZIO and ORANGE AMPS)
Quelle: http://www.airless.esDiscografieFight (2008 Lion Music)

2nd Round (2005 Lion Music)

2nd Round Japan Edition (2005 Melow Music)

Airless (2002 Vinny Records)



Fight - Cover
Wie der Bandname bereits vermuten lässt: Aus dieser spanischen Kapelle ist die Luft raus. Sie klaut respektlos bei Bon Jovi, als sie noch rockten, bei Whitesnake und bei White Lion.