Have Heart

BiografieBoston´s Have Heart is a band has caught the hardcore world by surprise. After releasing a demo and an EP, Have Heart caught the attention of Bridge Nine records and they recorded their debut LP The Things We Carry in 2006. Since then, Have Heart has been causing a fury with an intelligent, heart-felt, dynamic debut full-length and their passionate & energetic live shows around the globe.

Taking the positivity of fellow Massachusetts bands like Bane and In My Eyes, Have Heart also takes influence from bands like Outspoken & Unbroken for a sound that is captivating everyone who hears or sees them. Quelle: Songs To Scream At The Sun

2006 The Things We Carry


10.17.09 - Cover
HAVE HEART hatten 2009 für mächtig Wirbel gesorgt, als sie nicht nur ihren Split ankündigten, sondern den auch mit einer (gerade für DIY-Verhältnisse) beeindruckend langen Abschiedstour würdigten.
Songs To Scream At The Sun - Cover
HAVE HEART haben mit „The Things We Carry“ eine grandiose Debütscheibe abgeliefert, keine Frage, und auch „Songs To Scream At The Sun“ ist großartig (um mal das Fazit vorwegzun