Cruel Hand

BiografieCruel Hand is coming straight out of Maine and by the end of this year, you will have no choice but to acknowledge that they're earning their place at the top of the hardcore heap. The band began to turn heads in the hardcore, punk and metal scenes shortly after the 2007 release of their debut full-lengthWithout a Pulse on 6131 Records. They played shows around the U.S. with Trash Talk, The Mongoloids, and more, hitting the United States three times and a full European tour. The former side-project band only had one choice for their sophomore effort-sign with Bridge Nine Records. As guitarist Cam Foley said, "…label-wise, we wanted to move forward and we didn't want to sidestep. When Bridge Nine showed interest in us we felt like that would be a good way to show that we take this band seriously, it's not just
a side project, and we are a real band. We knew that B9, being the reputable label that it is, could get our name out there and give us opportunities we might not have had on a smaller label. We love the guys at 6131, Joey and Greg are best friends to us, so there's only love for those dudes. We just felt like we had to step it up."Quelle: Prying Eyes

2007 Without A Pulse

2007 Life In Shambles 7" www


Lock And Key - Cover
CRUEL HAND hatten mit „Prying Eyes“ einen Einstand nach Maß hingelegt, der besser nicht hätte sein können.
Prying Eyes - Cover
CRUEL HAND waren usprünglich ein Projekt aus dem OUTBREAK-Umfeld, aber vor den Aufnahmen zu „Prying Eyes“ entschloss sich der Haufen, aus dem Projekt eine Fulltime-Band zu machen, mit alle