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BiografieStarted out in the summer of 2002 as a side project between members of two of Belgiums finest bands, Kingpin and The Deal, RISE AND FALL quickly turned into a fulltime band after the demise of this last band. Dealing with a bunch of line-up changes and getting some ad interim help from Dead Stop and Liar members on their tour RISE AND FALL sorted their shit out and the line up of Cedric, Vince, Bjorn and Murph recorded their debut album "Hellmouth" in April 2004. It was released a few months later by JTTP Records from Germany on CD and Anger Management Records from Belgium handled the vinyl. In April 2005, "Hellmouth" was also released in the US, with a few bonus tracks on the SA Mob label from Philly.

After a European tour in August 2004, which they booked themselves and another one with 100 Demons in October 2004 RISE AND FALL kept on playing out as much as possible, and started writing songs for their next album.

Unfortunately original drummer Murph quit the band in March 2005, so in the midst of writing their new record and with a lot of shows booked they had to look for a new drummer. Luckily they found JP, who´d already filled in on the 100 Demons tour, who was eager to join the band.

"Into Oblivion", RISE AND FALL´s second album has been recorded in July 2005, at good old CCR Studios in Zulte, Belgium after and mixed by Kurt Ballou (Converge) at the God City Studios.

RISE AND FALL´s sound can be described as PUNKMETAL. It´s raw and intense, but with a lot of heart. A combination of Clevo and New York hardcore (Ringworm, Integrity, Cro-Mags, Leeway) and their love for bands like Black Sabbath, Entombed, Motorhead, Discharge and Celtic Frost.

To actually capture the overwhelming energy of this band, listening to their record just won´t do. You´ll have to catch them performing a live set, preferably on the first row. If you´re lucky enough not to get beaten to pulp by a moshing crowd, you´ll definitely get crushed by their wall of sound.

RISE AND FALL has toured and played with bands as varied as Converge, Nine, 100 Demons, Justice, Mental, Ringworm, Integrity, Sworn Enemy, No Turning Back, Restless Youth, Dead Stop, Violent Minds, E-Town Concrete and many more. In support of their new album on REFLECTIONS RECORDS the band will be touring extensively throughout the rest 2005 among other with label mates BLACKLISTED.

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2005 Into Oblivion


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Montag 12.03.2012
RISE AND FALL have become a steadfast band of the European hardcore scene, due to constant touring, relentless live-shows, and of course their stunning albums. “Faith” is slated for release soon and is going to prove that the band’s punkmetal-sound doesn’t wear out.
Dienstag 03.01.2006
"Into Oblivion” was one the last albums I listened to in 2005 - and it really ended the year with a blast! The belgium quartet plays some very aggressive mixture of HC, punk and metal, labeling itself Punkmetal. No question that i need to send some questions to the band which had been answered only a day later by shouter Bjorn.


Faith - Cover
Wo RISE AND FALL draufsteht, ist Punkmetal drin. Gut, für Uneingeweihte mag das Krach sein, aber was wissen die schon?
Into Oblivion - Cover
RISE AND FALL geben zwar selbst die Bezeichnung Punkmetal für ihren Sound vor, können aber einen starken HC-Einfluss nicht von der Hand weisen.
Our Circle Is Vicious - Cover
RISE AND FALL haben sich noch nie um Genes geschert, was ihre Definition als Punkmetal treffend auf den Punkt bringt, auch wenn bei den Belgiern schon immer eine ordentliche Hardcore-Kante mit im Spie