Ophis [greek: snake] converge monolithic, depressive and nihilistic Doom Metal with pieces of raw, aggressive old school Death Metal as an outlet for its members’ very own negative emotions. Rooted in the musical vein of the early 90s, Ophis’ music yet maintains an undeniable actuality and an authentic atmosphere of despair and rage, far beyond any mainstream or commercial approach.

The band was originally formed as a four-piece in late 2001 but remained unheard due to an early split. In 2002, founder Philipp resurrected Ophis fom the dead and recorded the Demo-CD “Empty, Silent And Cold”, performing all instruments, vocals and production on his own. The CD gained huge success in the international underground Metal press and sold out quickly.

Ophis re-emerged as a full band again in late 2003, releasing the MiniCD “Nostrae Mortis Signaculum” one year later on Cxxt Bxxcher Records, which positioned the band among the mainstay of the German Doom Metal scene and offered the chance to write a song for the soundtrack of the download-videogame “Hellraider II”.

In early 2007 Ophis signed to Imperium Productions and released the highly acclaimed debut full-length “Stream Of Misery” in October that year. The album recieved enthusiastic reviews and high-scores in Magazines all over the world.

"Withered Shades", the second full length album, is their debut for Russian first-class Doom Metal label Solitude Productions to which they signed in 2009. The album was released in July 2010. Being even gloomier and harsher than the first album, Ophis continue their struggle through the maelstrom.

To this date, Ophis have played shows and festivals in several European countries, performing and touring with high-profile acts such as Skepticism, Evoken, Swallow The Sun, Mourning Beloveth, Mournful Congregation, Esoteric, Pantheist, Primordial and many others.


2002 - Empty, Silent And Cold (Demo)

2004 - Nostrae Mortis Signaculum (MCD)

2007 - Stream Of Misery

2010 - Withered Shades

2014 - Abhorrence In Opulence



Freitag 24.10.2008
Die Hamburger Doom-Hoffnung OPHIS kommt auf Tour – und hat namhafte Bands, die die Doom-Gemeinde hernach tüchtig beballern. Denn mit den belgisch-britischen Funeral-Doomern PANTHEIST und dem Headliner, den finnischen Vätern des Funeral Doom, SKEPTICISM tourt ein Paket durchs Land, das nicht allzu oft und erst recht nicht an jeder Milchkanne Halt macht.
Dienstag 02.09.2014
Bereits seit 13 Jahren aktiv, sind die Hamburger Doom-Deather OPHIS bislang ein echter Geheimtipp gewesen, der mit seinen ersten beiden Alben "Stream Of Misery" und vor Allem "Withered Shades" den Genre-Underground heftig bereichert hat.


Effigies Of Desolation (Re-Release) - Cover
Bei der OPHIS-Doppelscheibe „Effigies Of Desolation“ handelt es sich nicht um eine neue Veröffentlichung der (ex)Hamburger Doomer – stattdessen findet sich die 2007er-Scheibe „
Nostrae Mortis Signaculum - Cover
Heute schon bei einer Hinrichtung gewesen? Schön ´ne Hexe gehängt oder so? Oder mal an Selbstmord gedacht?