BiografieEKTOMORF was founded in 1994 by the two brothers Zoltán (vocals, guitar) and Csaba Farkas (bass). After some time in the underground and eagerly writing song material, the band got a record deal and released its first album "Hangok" in 1996. The musical mixture of powerful Thrash Metal, Hardcore, Punk and Gypsy Folklore (resulting from the Roma roots of the Farkas brothers) soon earned EKTOMORF a lot of fans in their Hungarian homeland.

With the follow-up "Ektomorf" in 1998 EKTOMORF got first international attendance and the change to present themselves to a larger audience. József Szakács (drums) joined the band soon afterwards and the trio started to record "Kalyi Jag" (= black fire) which came out in 2000 and was distributed worldwide.

It got very good reviews from the press that instantly draw comparisons to SEPULTURA or SOULFLY because of the shown aggressiveness and energy plus a lot of social critical lyrics. Tours and gigs at bigger festivals followed (2001 at the Summer Breeze Open Air in Abtsgmünd, for example) and EKTOMORF blew everything away with their massive and intensive live shows.

In 2002, EKTOMORF released "I Scream Up To The Sky". The album became the most successful one of the band thus far and got enthusiastic critics as well as features in popular rock magazines like "Metal Hammer" and "Rock Hard". At open air events like the Summer Breeze (again) and festivals in Italy EKTOMORF already introduced the brand new song ´I Know Them´ and got acclaimed effusively.

After several problems with managers and labels EKTOMORF, finally grown to a solid quad with guitar player Tamás Schrottner, got signed to Nuclear Blast in 2003 – recording sessions for the new album "Destroy" took place during the whole November 2003.

The end result is amazing: Just test the groovy, riff-orientated speedster ´Destroy´ or the pushing hardcore track ´A.E.A.´. Pure power! Sticking to their very own style, but with even more energy and erupting hate – that is EKTOMORF of the new year 2004!

In the spring of 2004 Ektomorf were on tour with PRO-PAIN, and the bands became close friends.
In the summer of 2004 they were the support band for FEAR FACTORY.Quelle: http://www.ektomorf.comDiscografieOutcast (2006)

Instinct (2005)

Destroy (2004)

I Scream Up To The Sky (2002)

Kalyi Jag (2000)

Ektomorf (1998)

Hangok (1996) www


Montag 03.05.2004
"Destroy" - der Einstand von EKTOMORF bei Nuclear Blast - ist ein einziger Aufschrei, ein groovender Wutklumpen, eines der Alben der Stunde. EKTOMORF haben sich auf dem Weg dahin besonders in Süddeutschland den Arsch abgespielt.
Montag 03.05.2004
"Destroy" ist the name of EKTOMORFs first record at Nuclear Blast records, and it´s one pure outcry, a groovy piece of anger. And maybe THE record of today´s. EKTOMORF played their asses off to come this far, especially in southern Germany. And they´re just back from a tour with PRO PAIN through central Europe.


Mittwoch 08.07.2015
Wir waren (wie eigentlich jedes Jahr) auf dem Rockharz 2015 in Ballenstedt, im schönen Harz. Das Festival in Kurzform? Stau. Metal. Wind. Dennoch sehr viel Spaß. (Teil 1)


Destroy - Cover
Hochspringen, rumschreien, einen Ellenbogen in die Rippen bekommen, weiterspringen: So eine Lust, auf einem Konzert GANZ vorne im Pit zu sein hatte ich schon seit Sepultura 1996 nicht mehr.
Instinct - Cover
Nach "Roots” kam "Against” beziehungsweise "Soulfly” - bei den größten SEPULTURA-Verehrern aus der ungarischen Puszta kommt nach "Destroy” eben "Instinct”.
Outcast - Cover
Live haben mich EKTOMORF irgendwann überzeugen können, von Konserve waren sie noch nie mein Ding.
Retribution - Cover
SOULFLY aus Ungarn sind zurück mit ihrem neuen Album „Retribution“...