Arch Enemy

BiografieAngela Gossow - Vocals

Michael Amott - Lead Guitars

Christopher Amott - Lead Guitars

Sharlee D´Angelo - Bass

Daniel Erlandsson - Drums

Who is a rebel but someone inclined to resist authority?
What is rebellion but open defiance of that authority?

With a band name meaning chief attacker, principle opponent, and eminent hostile foe, ARCH ENEMY´s blatant philosophy of insurgence is exactly what propels them out of the masses of convention and into the frontline of a movement that dares to defy imposed limitations on musical creativity.

Throughout his career, former Carcass guitarist and ARCH ENEMY founding member Michael Amott has never been concerned with conformity. In 1996, his pursuit to merge melody with aggression and technicality led him to collaborate with brother Christopher Amott, drummer Daniel Erlandsson, and vocalist Johan Liiva. Without even circulating a demo, they teamed up with the celebrated producer Fredrik Nordström and delivered ARCH ENEMY´s debut, Black Earth - an album that is still hailed as a milestone in Swedish death metal. Michael Amott and Fredrik Nordström co-produced 1998´s Stigmata, which pushed the band to new heights with its technical execution. Welcoming Mercyful Fate bassist Sharlee D´Angelo into the ranks for 1999?s Amott/Nordström-produced Burning Bridges, ARCH ENEMY´s now undeniable musical pedigree delivered an intricate and devastating album. Despite a North American tour with Nevermore, European tours with In Flames, Children Of Bodom, and Dark Tranquillity, three Japanese tours, performances at The Dynamo Festival, a co-headlining appearance in Santiago, Chile with Hammerfall, and sharing a bill with Cradle Of Filth in London, Michael Amott felt there was still more territory to cover, as all high-achievers are wont to believe.

In a completely unexpected turn of events, Angela Gossow - a completely unknown vocalist from Germany - replaced Johan Liiva in 2001 and delivered a staggering debut performance on the Wages Of Sin album (produced by Fredrik Nordström and mixed by Andy Sneap), marking the first time a band of this caliber and ferocity was fronted by a woman. The reception given to Gossow by the sold-out crowd at her worldwide debut in Los Angeles in March 2002 was nothing short of overwhelming. The album was bathed in unending universal praise from daily newspapers, front cover press in worldwide national magazines with Wages Of Sin proudly claiming stake in end-of-the-year "Best Of..." lists, while the metal underground showcased a faithful display of allegiance to the new line-up. Metal Maniacs hailed the album as a "relentless, eclectic and wholly charged album to keep even those with the shortest musical attention spans entertained." Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles insisted the album "requires a double-take, as Angela´s gurgling undertow sticks needles in your eardrums while your eyes can´t believe where it´s coming from." Metal Edge declared Angela Gossow to be "one of the most promising talents in years." North America´s Alternative Press quickly identified ARCH ENEMY as one of the five bands who exemplify "the sound of things to come" in 2002. This claim would soon prove itself prophetic during the band´s performances at Japan´s Beast Feast, the Milwaukee Metalfest, the New England Metal & Hardcore Festival, a North American tour supporting Nile, their own headlining North American tour, and six sold-out dates in Japan.

Fueled by their success and teaming up with producer English producer extraordinaire Andy Sneap for Anthems Of Rebellion, ARCH ENEMY unveils yet another stratum of their impressive musical depth, the obvious being Gossow´s talents of enunciation, which truly rank with the accomplishments of Death´s Chuck Schuldiner and Carcass´s Jeff Walker. Filled with the trademarked tandem guitar work of the Amott Brothers and the flawless D´Angelo/Erlandsson rhythm section that has earned the band staunch recognition, "Tear Down The Walls/Silent Wars" is the articulation of awakening, a mandate for change; "We Will Rise" is a call to consciousness, a declaration of war against everything mediocre force-fed to us by society; "Leader Of The Rats" is a reminder of the much-needed cynicism that can keep everyday life in perspective; and finally, "Despicable Heroes" is a scathing critique of the hypocrisy of those appointed to leadership who abuse the loyalty of their followers.

An undisputedly clear proclamation of their intentions, ARCH ENEMY have valiantly chosen a path of upheaval for the sake of advancing the genre of melodic death metal, in spite of the criticism. What you´ll hear on Anthems Of Rebellion is the strength of fight-till-the-death conviction, a defiant leadership, a rare pact of loyalty made within a clan of musicians who have been bonded by blood, and who will stop at nothing until the inner-rebel and dormant psyche of rebellion is awakened within us all.
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1998 - Stigmata

1999 - Burning Bridges

2002 - Wages Of Sin

2003 - Anthems Of Rebellion

2004 - Dead Eyes See No Future (EP)

2005 - Doomsday Machine

2007 - Rise Of The Tyrant


Arch Enemy _1
Samstag 30.07.2005
Nicht nur die sehr guten Verkaufszahlen ihres letzten Albums "Anthems Of Rebellion" sprechen dafür, dass ARCH ENEMY längst zur metallischen Oberliga gehören. Mit ihrem neuesten Streich "Doomsday Machine" beweist die Melodic Death Metal - Institution erneut, dass die brillanten Vorgängerwerke keine Eintagsfliegen waren.
Arch Enemy _1
Dienstag 03.01.2012
Auf der Welttour zum neuen Album "Khaos Legions" traf ich am 21.12.2011 in der "Garage" in Saarbrücken, kurz vor dem Auftritt, ARCH ENEMY-Bassist Sharlee D'Angelo zu einem Interview.
Arch Enemy _1
Montag 17.09.2007
Es gibt mittlerweile viele Leute, die ARCH ENEMY für einen überbewerteten und gehypten Act halten, was ganz sicher auch mit dem weltweiten Erfolg des schwedisch-deutschen Quintetts zusammenhängt. Fakt ist aber, dass die Band rein qualitativ stets Güteklasse 1A abliefert, was auch das neue Werk "Rise Of The Tyrant" beweist.
Donnerstag 29.05.2014
I talked with Alissa White-Gluz, the new singer of ARCH ENEMY - about her new band, her songwriting, her fans and somehow even about vegan Metalheads.
Donnerstag 29.05.2014
Ich habe mich mit Alissa White-Gluz, der neuen Sängerin von ARCH ENEMY unterhalten - über ihren Bandwechsel, ihr Songwriting, ihre Fans und irgendwie auch über vegane Metalheads.


Donnerstag 18.08.2016
Das Summer Breeze ging 2016 in die nächste Runde - und war mal wieder wieder ein voller Erfolg.
Sonntag 05.07.2015
Apocalypse Now  



Doomsday Machine - Cover
Nicht nur die exquisiten Verkaufszahlen des Vorgängerwerkes "Anthems Of Rebellion" belegen, dass sich ARCH ENEMY, sicher auch bedingt durch ihre attraktive und stimmgewaltige Sängerin, in den letzten
Khaos Legions - Cover
Vier Jahre hat man warten müssen, um von ARCH ENEMY wieder neuen Sprengstoff für die Ohren geliefert zu bekommen.
Rise Of The Tyrant - Cover
Ich kann nicht ganz begreifen, dass sich Leute nur aufgrund des Erfolges einer Band von ihr abwenden.
Stigmata - Cover
Eine ultimative Lobhudelei auf eine wiederausgegrabene Perle im Plattenschrank: Bis dato hatte Michael Amott bei ungefähr jeder kultigen Band schon mal gespielt, Johan Liiva vorher bei CARNAGE und FUR
Wages Of Sin - Cover
Endlich, nach langer Verzögerung halte ich die neue Arch Enemy-Scheibe in Händen!



Band Termin Land / Ort / Location
Kreator, SODOM, VADER, Arch Enemy
NL-Tilburg - 013
Ludwigsburg - MHP Arena
Oberhausen - Turbinenhalle
Saarbrücken - Garage
Hamburg - Docks
Berlin - Huxleys
Wiesbaden - Schlachthof
Geiselwind - Eventhall
München - Tonhalle
CH-Pratteln - Z7