The Blackout Argument

BiografieTHE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT has the talent, the work ethics and most of all of the unbreakable passion to do their own thing in a music-scene that increasingly focuses on stereotyping bands playing stereotypical sounds. In September 2007 the Munich-based quintet will release its tensely anticipated debut album “Decisions” on LIFEFORCE RECORDS, building upon the most intense, outspoken and emotional music.
“Decisions” features guest-appearances by Geert van der Velde (ex-Shai Hulud / Miscreants), Byron Davis (God Forbid) and Benni Buss (Flowing Tears). Artwork created by infamous US design studio Sons Of Nero (Job For A Cowboy, Madonna, Unearth, etc.).
Formed from the remains of the underground acts Paint The Town Red and Flyswatter in early 2006, their musical ascendancy was already foreshadowing. THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENTs genre challenging combination of hardcore and rock-music is equally touching as it is brutal. The band’s plausible refrains and powerful melodies rotate with blasting walls of demanding guitar-riffs and punchy drums. The vocalist’s violent screams and bittersweet singing is fraught with raw and uncanny powerful emotion. Addressing to all fans of heavy yet melodic music, THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT maintains a deep-rooted hardcore sensibility at all times.
April 2007 brought a springing charge of two releases at once. Via Bastardized Recordings THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT re-released their 2006 mcd “Munich Angst” alongside a new 6-track mcd entitled “Munich Valor”. Both releases attracted favorable attention and feedback of press and kids alike.
In May 2007 THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT got the chance to introduce their music to a broad audience. Being granted the honor of supporting Boy Sets Fire on their final European tour the band broke hearts and kicked asses of thousands of kids all over the place.
THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT’s cherished self-conception is reflected in their thoroughly honest and downright personal lyrics. No tearstained love songs or lukewarm cries for help, but a straightforward emotional payoff about the unpredictability of life and the strategies to confront it. Just as simple as their album title “Decisions” suggests: Life is about making decisions and living with the consequences. You fucked it up? Deal with it.

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2008 Smile Like A Wolf EP

2007 Decisions

2007 Munich Valor (EP)

2006 Munich Angst (EP)


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Sonntag 15.02.2009
THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT haben 2009 mit einem Paukenschlag eingeläutet und mit „Remedies“ ihr bis dato bestes Album veröffentlicht.


Decisions - Cover
THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT sind nach ihrem EP-Doppelschlag des letzten Jahres bei Lifeforce Records gelandet und haben sich entschieden, dort ihr erstes Album zu veröffentlichen.
Detention - Cover
THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT sind nicht nur eine Veröffentlichungsfreudige Band, sondern schaffen es auch, sich auf einen konstant hohen Level zu bewegen.
Munich Angst (EP) (Re-Release) - Cover
THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT haben in ihren Reihen nicht nur gestandene Musiker, die bei Kapellen wie PAINT THE TOWN RED und FLYSWATTER gelärmt haben, sondern mit Gitarrist Christian auch den Mann hinter Let
Munich Valor (EP) - Cover
Bevor THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT ihre Debütscheibe bei Lifeforce Records veröffentlichen, gibt es in Form der "Munich Valor"-EP neuen Stoff zum Überbrücken der Wartezeit.
Remedies - Cover
THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT gehen bei „Remedies“ in die Vollen und haben 14 Songs auf den Silberling gepackt, aber schon der Vorgänger war nicht minder bestückt.