One day as late as in 2009, the worlds youngest old band was formed. Over a few beers, comrades and festival promoters of Metal Merchants Festival Ronny Østli and Stian Fossum decided to contribute to the heavy metal scene after watching a tremendous Pentagram concert. This was the very birth of what should be known as DEVIL. The gathering of the apocalyptic raiders started by recruiting Ronny's Vesen bandmate Thomas Ljosåk on bass guitar and Stian's Rikets Crust bandmate Kai Wanderås on guitar. Missing only a singer, they decided to ask long time friend and fellow metal head Joakim Trangsrud, who practically was both lured and forced to join the first rehearsal. DEVIL was ready to roll.

After a few months of song writing, some pieces was released on Myspace whilst a demo EP was in the print, and the feedback was overwhelming. Being described as a "lost gem of the 70's", and a mix of legends such as Pentagram, Black Sabbath and Witchfinder General. Embraced and supported from the first moment by old school fans from all over the world, the ball really started rolling.

After only hours of airtime at Myspace, record deals were offered, and the future plans started being laid. After only six months as a public band, DEVIL has now released their demo on CD, tape and vinyl, have signed for their debut on Soulseller Records, and are about to kick off their summer season with playing Metal Merchants Festival, headlining at the Old Blue Last in London, and supporting Electric Wizard in Europe.

So keep your eyes open, because in 2011 the DEVIL rides out!


2010 - Magister Mundi Xum (Demo)

2011 - The Noble Savage/Blood Is Boiling (Single)

2011 - Time To Repent

2013 - Gather The Sinners

2017 - To The Gallows



Dienstag 28.08.2012
Risen from the depths of Norway just a few years ago, DEVIL have caused a little sensation with their excellent debut-album “Time To Repent” that is now followed by a re-release of the band´s earlier recordings. “Magister Mundi Xum”/”The Noble Savage” already shows very mature songwriting combined with an occult atmosphere.
Sonntag 07.09.2014
Even though the second album of Norwegian Occult Rock-formation DEVIL, "Gather The Sinners", does not completely tie up with it´s first-class predecessor "Time To Repent", it has become a very worth listening album.


Gather The Sinners - Cover
Mit ihrem sehr geilen Debütalbum „Time To Repent“ haben die Norweger die sehr lebendige Occult-/Retro Rock-Gemeinde enorm bereichert und einen kleinen Genre-Meilenstein gesetzt, an den sie
Magister Mundi Xum/ The Noble Savage - Cover
Einen Roman zu dieser Veröffentlichung muss man nicht schreiben, handelt es sich leider noch nicht um ein neues Album der erstklassigen norwegischen Doom-/Occult Rock-Formation, sondern um eine Wieder
Time To Repent - Cover
Vermutlich beflügelt durch den immensen Underground-Erfolg der göttlichen THE DEVIL´S BLOOD, trauen sich inzwischen vermehrt auch andere Bands, stark 70er-beeinflussten "Occult Rock" zu spielen.